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What is it like crewing Labora?

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All things related to the club's trips, past, current and future.

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Tell us about yourself! Where do you come from, what marine experience do you have, what do you hope to see as a member of the club?

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All the work being done on the ship and work to come. This includes fixes, upgrades and routine maintenance

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  • Here's the to go on, along with the soon to be new bowsprit. We also picked up a new 25 men freshly certified life raft. We finished putting on the new air scoops to bring in more fresh air to the engine room
  • Hey club! As you may have heard, we're getting really close to setting sail ! Now the big question is posed: where do we go? We've tossed around a bunch of ideas, and some of them are more feasible than others. What you need to know: we're about 3 weeks from leaving the fjord we don't want to begin crossing the Atlantic later than June, the start of hurricane season the Schengen area has 90 days of visa-free travel for non-Europeans Some of our travel ideas so far are: down West coast of Europe, Canaries, cross Atlantic to South America (giving us the chance to do Cape Horn) the Nordics (from Denmark up Scandinavia, cross to Iceland and Greenland. (If we winter on the East coast of North America, this sets us up for the Northwest Passage the following summer) down Western Europe, Gibraltar, Morocco, and down the West coast of Africa and around the Cape of Good Hope the Mediterranean and Black Seas Where would you like to see the club go? When will you join us? Discuss it in the comments.

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